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Assistance With Medication

Our staff can prompt, administer and assist service users to take their medication at regular intervals.  Our staff are unable to assist in this way if the medication has not been prescribed by their doctor and dispensed by their regular pharmacist.  Medicines we are, unfortunately, unable to assist with include over-the-counter and homoeopathic remedies, as well as controlled drugs.  All our care staff have completed appropriate medication assistance training which complies fully the requirements of local authorities and our care regulators.

Where not already in place, clients are encouraged to ask their pharmacist to provide their medication in a “Medi-Pack”; this provides our carers with visible evidence, whether the medication has, or has not been taken.


Meals and Drinks Provision

Where our care staff are providing meals and drinks for clients they will make every effect to provide healthy, balanced nutritious meals based on the clients dietary and personal choices.  They will also help with the consumption of meals and drinks where required in the care plan.










Autonomy and Independence

Our aim is to promote and enable our services user to remain as independent as possible by listening and understanding our clients wants, needs and abilities, providing the right level of assistance and supervising.










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